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Clock Movements Clock Motors

   See What's New for 2018 at Steebar.com - Seiko Clock Movement & Clock Motors for Replacement or to Build a New Clock with our movements and clock kits.

    We supply clock movements and clock motors from Hermle, Seiko,Takane, Young Town and more. Clock quartz motors including mini quartz clock movements, quartz clock movements with pendulum,  mechanical strike quartz clock movement, high torque clock movements for long clock hands, reverse clock movements, tide movements, continuous sweep movements.

    From mini quartz clock motors to grandfather clock kits, we have the clock parts and supplies available for your projects. With our 32 years experience we can offer support if needed to help your clock projects success.  You will find an extensive line of battery operated quartz movements to build a new clock or repair one.  We have a large variety of clock movements, pendulum movements, chime movements, bim-bams, and high torque movements for driving large clock hands up to 17 1/2.

Please call us. 

Repairing a clock

     Our full line of clock movements, clock dials, clock hands clock parts and tools makes the job easy.With our help you can repair or replace your clock. We stock quartz or mechanical clock movements to replace old units.  

See our full selection of clock hands to match the clock motors -- see the clock hand page to the left

When selecting a clock motor be sure the measure the depth of the hole in your clock body and clock dial. Make sure you select a clock movement with a shaft long enough to clear the hole and leave enough shaft thread to screw on the hex nut. The hex nut hold the clock motor tight to the clock body.



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