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 Steebar is a world leader in clock parts- clock making supplies. In 1985 we started out as a American supplier of clock parts through our mail order catalog and in 2000 started our first web site.   We carry many hard to find clock parts to repair an old clock or build a new clock, with our clock parts.                          


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  We have the Largest Selection of Wall Clock Kits, Large Clock Hands and High Torque Clock Motors and Replacement Clock Motors, DIY Clock Repair Parts to Clock Building Components.  We carry large clock hands up to 17 3/4 " long.  See our New Gold and Sliver Clock Hands for 2018. 


  We carry Seiko's Ultra-Thin Clock Movement. This quartz clock movement features step second motion which is a 'start-stop-start' motion that precisely measures the time in one second intervals. Accurate to within +/- 15 seconds per month.   

 Seiko Model = 708                          Seiko Model = 607                            Seiko Model = 203 

 Fits Dials up to 1/4"                        Fits Dials up to 3/8 "                        Fits Dials up to 5/8 " 

 Special Features

  • Quartz Accuracy - Stabilized quartz crystal assures high accuracy to within ±15 seconds per month.
  • Reliability - A minimum number of parts (17 in entire motor) reduces wear within the motor and assures trouble-free operation. The motor is completely enclosed in its case, so dust and dirt cannot get into the motor.
  • Compact Size - The motor is approximately 2-1/8”x 2-1/8” x 1/2”.
  • Battery Life - The motor runs approximately two years on a fresh “AA” battery, not included.
  • Step Second Motion - The second hand, if used, moves in exact one second steps.
  • Select clock hands from hand page.

    These Seiko motors will operate a second hand, but second hands are considered optional. See the bottom of the motor page for the link to our selection of second hands. Seiko motors require a .034 - .035 diameter second hand bushing as shown below. This hole size is too large for many other motors..All models have a 5/16" shaft diameter so a 3/8" mounting hole is the correct size to drill in your case.

    We stock Takane mini quartz clock movements from the Takane clock company USA. Takane quarts clock movements, Takane clock movements with pendulum, Takane clock movement with pendulum and chime, Takane westminster chime clock movements, Takane high torque clock movements. 

    We carry all of the best quality quartz clock replacement clock part movements and clock motors for clock repair.  Build a clock with our clock parts, clock insert, clock movements, clock dials, clock hands from leading brands and the largest selection. Let us show you how to build a new clock or repair your old clock. Ask about our clock repair service and let our staff help you save money and repair your clock. DIY.  We carry clock making supplies to make clocks in cluding a large selection of clock hands and clock dials. We carry roman and arabic number 4" clock dials, 6" clock dials, 8" clock dials, square clock dials, grandfather clock dials and more. 

    Shop online or call today and our professional staff will he happy to assist you. Our sales staff will help you design a clock to your specifications or walk you though the selection of clock parts to repair of a clock of your own. Its simple and we can show you easy steps to apply our clock parts to fit your needs. Check out our new unique clock plans, Grandfather Clock Kit, the classic Sussex mantel clock plan and more. The clock kits start at only $18.25. Learn clock making and how to build clocks at Steebar. 

    Steebar's Favorite Clock Kits - Build a Clock from a Kit or build your Own Clock  with our Parts and Design your own.

    Find full selections of clock movements from Hermle, Clock Movements, Seiko Precision Insert clocks, Seiko Clock Chime Motors, Silcon Insert Clocks , Takane Mini Quartz Clock Motors , Takane Chime clock movements, westminster chime clock movements, Takane high torque clock motors, Seiko ultra thin mini quartz clock motors, Seiko double electric clock chime movements, MS Original Clock Movements, Young Town Clock Parts, Seiko High Torque clock movements , Takane quartz clock movements with pendulem, reverse clock movements, tide movements, 24 hour clock movements. Select clock models which use clock button batteries, N batteries, AAA bateries, AA batteries and C batteries.

    Steebar is a leading distributor of clock movements from Hermle, Seiko, Takane, Young Town and more. We offer a wide selection of clock quartz motors including mini quartz clock movements, quartz clock movements with pendulem,  mechanical strike quartz clock movement, high torque clock movements.  Click below and search for details. See our new selection of Seiko clock hands.  We carry 1 7/16 " clock inserts, 2 1/4" clock inserts, 2 3/4' clock inserts, 3 1/2" clock fit ups, 4 "clock fit ups,  6" clock insert and fit up clocks, 8 " insert clocks.  Theam clock fit ups. We stock 4" clock dials, 6 "clock dials, 8" clock dials and clock bezels with real glass. We have a hugh selection of clock hands to fit all of our clock movements and dial sizes.  We also stock weather instrument inserts, tide clock inserts and reverse clock motors and clock dials.

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Clock Insert & Fitup Clocks
We supply so many types of clock inserts we can't list them all here. So look over our: Fitup clock line, Miniature pendulum drives, miniature insert clocks, highly polished bezels insert clocks and solid brass bezels, real curved glass lens insert clocks, oval clock insert, round inserts clocks, solid brass fitup clocks, fancy fitups, theme insert clocks, sports clocks, with alarms, floral and square clocks.

Clock Motors & Clock Movements
Every type of clock motor and clock movement including: Premium quality mini-quartz clock motors, dual action pendulum clock motor, bim-bam sound clock motors, mechanical strike clock movements, ultra thin clock movement and clock hand and crafted lyres.

Clock Chimes
We have the clock chimes you need: Westminister chime clock movements, chimes with speakers, Seiko electric chimes, radio controlled clocks, pendulum bobs, pendulum sleves, mechanical strike clock movements, and much more.

Clock Dials - Bezels - Hands
We have the clock dials or clock bezels you need here. Including: Brushed brass finish clock dials, enamel finished clock dials, clock dials with real curved glass lens, German bezel styal dials, embossed clock dials, hand silk screened clock dials, and tole painted dials.

Clock Kits
We are please to offer wall clock kits, mantle clock kits, desk clock kits, table clock kits, and hall clock kits.

    Since 1985 we carry a large selection of custom Clock Kits for the beginner to advanced woodworker and crafter.  Many unique Classic clock kit designs. Our clock kits include the clock insert or clock motor,  a woodworking plan and the clock making components, clock movements, clock dials, clock hands. Our clock parts build a beautiful clock and memory. Find wall clock kits, mantle clock kits, table clock kits. Easy to build Grandfather clock kits too.  Our clock kits use mini quartz clock movements that are made in America. We have clock kits for kids.  Our Clock Kits will fit 36mm clock insert clocks, 72mm clock fitups, 90mm clock inserts and 102 mm clock fitups.  We offer pouplar gear clock kits and clock kits you can make with a scroll saw. We can show you how to make and build a great clock Kit.  




Synchron clock movements provide for a sweep second hand and split second accuracy for either consumer, industrial, or laboratory clocks and other time keeping applications.


The type "C" movement is a brass movement with smooth continuous hand movement. Active lifetime routinely exceeds 20 years. Self-resetting is an option with the "C" movement for customers who need to synchronize multiple clocks to a single master clock.


Sell your clock at craft shows or give a clock as a gift. See new Clock Kits for 2016. 

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