Baltic Birch Plywood
Ideal for scroll sawing and Laser cutting 
 We now stock Baltic Birch Plywood in two thicknesses and two sizes. All plies are birch and the inner plies are void free. The grade is called B/BB (or 3-B) and is the very best grade of Baltic Birch Plywood available. Numerous lower (and far inferior) grades of Baltic Birch Plywood are bieng offered by other sources (at lower prices). When comparing prices be sure that othere sources have the same B/BB grade as we have. Here's our guarentee...if you ever find a void in our Baltic Birch Plywood, we will replace it at no cost the next time you place an order with us.

Due to the weight of plywood we reserve the right to price each order according to weight and location.  If you are ordering more than three sheets, please contact us for shipping costs, or, if you are using a credit card, we will add actual UPS shipping costs to your order.  

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Baltic Birch Plywood 12" x 12" x 1/4"
12.95 Ounces
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