Bezel German Style 5 1/8" Bezel/Crystal/Dial

Our new line of bezel/crystal/dials feature a solid brass diamond cut bezel, curved glass lens and a metal dial and back plate.

Clocks made with battery-operated movements do not need a hinged bezel/crystal/dial. It is always best to set the time with the knob on the back of the movement. Why pay for the most expensive part of the bezel/crystal/dial if you don't need it?

In the event that there was a problem with the clock hands, the bezel and glass can be removed.

  • Curved glass lens
  • Solid Brass-Diamond cut Bezel
  • Aluminum dial & steel back plate
  • No Hinge

Recommended hand length is 2-1/4”. Acceptable range 2-1/8” to 2-3/8”. Black hands normally used with this dial. You may select longer Black hands which can easily be trimmed to a shorter length, depending on the individual minute hand design. Crystal center height from the dial is approx. 9/16”.

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