We carry Takane and Seiko mini quartz clock movements from the Takane clock company USA. Takane and Seiko quartz clock movements, Takane and Seiko clock movements with pendulum, Takane and Seiko clock movement with pendulum and chime, Takane and Seiko westminster chime clock movements, Takane and Seiko high torque clock movements. 

How to Make a Clock. 

Instructions from Steebar. Follow these simple steps and diagram provided.


First Step

1. Clock Motor - Select the Right Size Shaft.

The threaded part of the clock shaft must clear your clock body, order size accordingly. Place washer and place shaft through clock body and secure with nut.


2. Clock Hands

Select the hour and minute hands to fit your clock dial. Remember that the minute hand should be 1/2 the dial diameter (or less). For example, if the distance from 9 o'clock to 3 o'clock is 6" (dial diameter), then the correct hand length would be 3" or less. Also, the second hand should be equal to or less than the length of the minute hand.  You must order the hands because we don't know what size you need. Place hour had on shaft first them minute hand and secure with nut.


3. Clock Mounting Hardware

The correct washer, nut and open or closed ended clock hand nut is provided with motor purchase.


4.  Clock hanger are sold separately and are an ideal choice when hanging clock on wall.