High Torque Movement - "C" Cell Battery 


This compact full size “C” cell battery powered clock movement was designed specifically for use with today’s new larger clocks. They are the most powerful quartz motors on the market today for larger clocks-hour and minute hand spacing!

Our new “HT” series movements were designed specifically for use with larger hands. The distance between where the hour and minute hands are installed has been increased! This increased distance will help to prevent longer hands from binding and leaves enough room to accommodate the counterweights that are commonly used on large minute hands. 


Dimensions:    2 1/4" w x 3 1/8" h x 1" d

Size:                Shaft 7/16”, Thread Length 7/16”, Overall Shaft Length 7/8"



                Photo Frame Clock Kit is our Most Popular Product

                                     You select clock hand size

  We will show you how to make a picture frame wall clock with our clock parts


Your Photos tell you what "TIME" it is!  Introducing "THE PHOTO FRAME WALL CLOCK KIT from Steebar.

The following parts are included, allowing you to make the most personal clock ever!

  1. 12 - Blank 4 x 6 boards with special adhesive for easy mounting of your pictures  ---           Make your own photo frame.
  2. High Torque Clock Motor and Hardware
  3. You Select Clock Hand Size at Checkout
  4. 2 pc Wall Mounting Cup


     You select either classic spade or narrow modern clock hand style up to 17 3/4" long.