Takane High Torque Mini Quartz Clock Movement - "AA" Cell and C Battery

Made in USA 

Our Takane compact “AA” battery powered miniquartz clock motor model was designed specifically for use with today’s new larger clocks. They are the most powerful quartz clock movements on the market today for larger clocks-hour and minute hand spacing!

Our new  C battery line “HT” series high torque clock movements were designed specifically is  for use with large clock hands. The distance between where the hour and minute hands are installed has been increased! This increased distance will help to prevent longer hands from binding and leaves enough room to accommodate the counterweights that are commonly used on large minute hands.

 Drives Clock Hands up to 17 3/4 " long hands.


The Seiko High Torque Continuous Sweep Mini Clock Movement


Model 708 


is a mini quartz high torque clock movement that features a continuous, smooth sweep motion that removes any ticking noise that might distract or interrupt you. The second hand moves smoothly around clock dial.

Drives Clock Hands up to 12 " long hands.