Mini Quartz Clock Motor - the best clock movcement in the business

You select your style clock hands. See clock hand page


Model A-5

  • For clock dials up to 1/4" thick.


  • 8MM (5/16") shaft diameter.
  • 2-1/8" square by 5/8" thick case.
  • Please select hour and minute had separately.
  • Please select second hand separately if desired.
  • Brass mounting hardware with open end nut (if you do not plan to use second hands, order closed end nuts)
  • Clock hanger (pictured) order seperatly
  • Operates on one AA battery
  • On/off switch

American Made in USA Mini Quartz Movements

Dimensions: 2 1/8 in w x 2 1/8 in h x 5/8 in d

Our mini-quartz movement is the standard in the industry for quality clock motors. If you are a hobbyist or serious clock maker, our miniquartz clock movement will fit your needs. It runs on one "AA" battery and is accurate to within two minutes a year.

Please select the correct  shaft length, carefully measure the thickness of the material the clock movement shaft will go through.  Then find the appropriate clock motor model.   If you are using a glass or plastic cover over the clock movement, make sure you have at least 1/8 inch extra clearance as you will need room for a second hand or a minute hand cap nut.

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