Our new version of the Quad Chime movement is simply the best sounding battery operated chime movement on the market today! This movement has the sound of a tubular bell grandfather clock movement, with the convenience and the accuracy of a quartz movement. It operates on two C cell batteries, and has the largest speaker available of any chime movement - 3" in diameter! This movement will also operate perfectly well with or without a pendulum.

Our Quad Chime movement now is made using the American “I" shaft clock hand configuration with a 5/16" diameter, so any of our 50+ selection of hands will fit. Second hands are optional. This full featured new movement has more great features than any other chime movement on the market today, starting with 4 chime options programmed into every one, a volume control and:

  • Westminster or Ave Maria chimes every 15 minutes with an hour count.
  • Westminster of "Bim-Bam" chimes on the hour only with an hour count.
  • Optional night strike shut off " sounds at 11:00 PM, then is silent until 6:00 AM.
  • 3 Inch remote speaker on an 18" cord - place anywhere with mounting clips and screws for the best possible sound.
  • 3 Year Guarantee.

Dimensions: 4-9/16" Wide x 4-3/4" High x 1-1/8" Thick.

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Quad Clock Chime Pendulum Movement
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