Ultra Thin Seiko Mini Quartz Motor

Seiko Brand Clock Movement 

   We also carry Seiko's Ultra-Thin Clock Movement. This quartz clock movement features step second motion which is a 'start-stop-start' motion that precisely measures the time in one second intervals. Accurate to within +/- 15 seconds per month. 

Please note:  These clock motors are designed to drive clock hands no longer than 4 1/2 " inches. 


Warranty 3 years
Maximum Dial Thickness See Below
Total Shaft Length See Below
Shaft Diameter 5/16"
Chiming Melody Sound None
Case Size 2-3/16"H x 2-3/16"W x 5/8"D
Free Pair of Hands *Yes
Battery 1 AA 
Hardware Included Yes

 Seiko Model = 304 

 Fits Dials up to 1/8 " 



Seiko Model = 708         Seiko Model = 607               

 Fits Dials up to 1/4"                 Fits Dials up to 3/8 "                  

  Thumb                 Thumb                 

Seiko Model = 203 

  Fits Dials up to 5/8 "


Special Features

  • Quartz Accuracy - Stabilized quartz crystal assures high accuracy to within ±15 seconds per month.
  • Reliability - A minimum number of parts (17 in entire motor) reduces wear within the motor and assures trouble-free operation. The motor is completely enclosed in its case, so dust and dirt cannot get into the motor.
  • Compact Size - The motor is approximately 2-1/8”x 2-1/8” x 1/2”.
  • Battery Life - The motor runs approximately two years on a fresh “AA” battery, not included.
  • Step Second Motion - The second hand, if used, moves in exact one second steps.


These Seiko motors will operate a second hand, but second hands are considered optional. See the bottom of the motor page for the link to our selection of second hands. Seiko motors require a .034 - .035 diameter second hand bushing as shown below. This hole size is too large for many other motors..All models have a 5/16" shaft diameter so a 3/8" mounting hole is the correct size to drill in your case.


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