Combo Tiger Tooth Scroll Saw Blades

Cuts on both the up and down stroke as the teeth are faced in both directions.  Thus allowing splinter free edges in most materials.  The scroll saw blades have no top or bottom and can be mounted in either direction.  They can also be reversed when one side becomes dull.  Perfect for intricate cutting in all types of wood, plywood & even plastic.  

Double Scroll Saw Tiger Tooth Blades
A prefered scroll saw blade by many scroll saw users.  The blades have two teeth together followed by a large flat space to cut and remove chips more efficiently.  Double Tiger Tooth Scroll Saw Blades cut fast, leaving clean edges in wood & plastic.  
Precision Tiger Tooth Scroll Saw Blades
Precision Tiger Tooth scroll saw blades offer superior sharpness and very aggressive cutting due to a unique manufacturing process. Reversed lower teeth help prevent tearout.  Use for wood only.
We are pleased to introduce our all new line of TIGER TOOTH scroll saw blades... crafted in Germany for Steebar from the finest quality German steel and tempered for durability. Top quality scroll saw blades at very affordable pricing... and available only from Steebar!
Reverse Double Scroll Saw Blades
A unique blade...the lower double sets of teeth are reversed to help prevent tearout.  Combines the advantages of both the double tooth and the reverse tooth designs.  Use for most materials except metal.  A good "all-around" scroll saw blade.
Reverse Tiger Tooth Scroll Saw Blades
These scroll saw blades have the same characteristics as the skip toothe blades with the added benefit of reverse bottom teeth for a smoother, splinter free finish top & bottom.  Good for wood, plastic and fibrous materials.
Skip Tiger Tooth Scroll Saw Blades
Skip Tiger Tooth Scroll Saw Blades offer fast cutting, good chip clearance and smooth finishes.  Use for wood, plastic and fibrous materials. A good "all-around" blade.