Our new World Clock motor is simply amazing. Even without receiving a radio or computer signal, it will change to reflect daylight savings time in all 26 time zones world-wide. Wristwatches can do this, but this is the world’s first analog (with clock hands) quartz clock motor ever made with this feature.


                        Works with our long High Torque clock Motor Hands- 



Even better, our new World Wise Clock motor has a high torque quartz motor, so using hands as long as 17-1/2" is possible. Imagine a large wall clock high up on a wall that automatically adjusts for daylight savings time - no more ladders twice a year!

  • Compact Size: 2-1/4" W x 3" H x 5/8" D
  • World Wide Quartz Accuracy
  • Digital Control Module-One (Approx. 5 Yr Battery life ) Included
  • High Torque Motor - 1 AA Battery Not Included

5/16" Threaded Shaft - For A Maximum 1/4" Dial Thickness. 3/4" Overall Shaft Height

The World Clock motor price includes your choice of over 40 pairs of hour and minute hands less than 5” listed below. Hands over 5" are available at an extra cost below. Second hands 4-1/2" or less are also an option. Our HANGERT wall mounting hanger works with this motor at a maximum weight of 4 pounds.

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